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正直. 客户服务. 热情

正直. 客户服务. 热情





经过20多年的实务经验淬炼,本律师事务所为企业、个人以及专业人士提供各种法律服务及建议。本事务所律师团队专注於许多具体的法律类别,对於如: 商业法、劳工法、民事诉讼、移民法及家事法等各个领域,有著丰富的经验以及坚实的专业法律素养。



正直. 客户服务. 热情”这些字眼在现今很难与律师联想在一起。 大部分的涉讼者都视聘请律师为畏途,因为他们感觉到律师只关心一件事:钱。 然而, 郑博仁联合律师事务所视客户满意为最大目标,而且我们是少数不讲究金钱至上的事务所之一。

对於成为其他律所遇有问题或争议时的谘询资源,我们为此事实感到自豪。 我们经常接到无数美国国内其他律所的案件转介或是协助辩护委託。


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  • “I would HIGHLY recommend Paul P. Cheng and his Law firm the Cheng Law Group.”

    Christopher N.
  • “My mother recently had an issue with a wrongful termination from a big "not to be named" hospital system in the LA area and I wanted to make sure she found a honest and professional lawyer.”

    Anna S.
  • “I was very lucky to have found him!”

    Angelica N.
  • “Very much appreciated everything you had done.”

  • “I would definitely come back if we ever needed legal help!”

  • “I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.”

    Jeff B.
  • “You are an amazing attorney and person.”

    Regina Pomona, CA
  • “I am so thankful for this professional experience.”

    Alabama W.
  • “Thank you very much for your help and generosity!”

    Rudy L.
  • “Paul Cheng is an amazing person.”

    Annie R.
  • “He was able to analyze the details of my case in minutes, providing legal citations specific to California law, and re-assuring me not to worry.”

    Robert Trujillo Pasadena, CA