When a California Food Manufacturer Cannot Fire an Employee for Food Contamination, Everybody Loses

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When a California Food Manufacturer Cannot Fire an Employee for Food Contamination, Everybody Loses

The lawsuit of Juan Carlos Bravo v. Huy Fong Foods (Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC706093) epitomizes why so many good employers are leaving California.

August 4, 2022. Pasadena, CA. - Juan Carlos Bravo was discharged because he contaminated Huy Fong Foods world famous Siracha sauce. Almost a year after his discharge, Mr. Bravo filed his lawsuit alleging 16 causes of action, including harassment, discrimination, and retaliation based on an alleged physical disability. After nearly five years of litigation and four weeks of jury trial, fourteen of Mr. Bravo’s sixteen allegations were defeated, including his harassment and discrimination claims. Two of the three defendants were also dismissed because the trial judge saw no facts that supported plaintiff Bravo’s claims.

"Plaintiff Bravo initially sought $10M. At trial, he reduced his claim and instead asked for $2.7M. It is our belief that the split decision by the jury (9-3) on the two remaining claims he prevailed on shows that Huy Fong Foods’ position was valid and that the allegations made by plaintiff Bravo were not supported by the evidence. The jury only gave him 10% of what he originally demanded, and also rejected all allegations of fraud, malice, or oppression." said Paul P. Cheng, the lead defense attorney for Huy Fong Foods.

The Judge has not approved the verdict and has urged both parties to mediate the matter and seek resolution before post-trial motions and/or an appeal. The lawsuit caused this upstanding company, which provides quality jobs and stable income to so many Californians, to go through nearly five years of senseless litigation. When a California food manufacturer cannot fire an employee for food contamination, everybody loses.

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