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Our Clients Share Their Experience
  • You are an amazing attorney and person.
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    “I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did as my attorney. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication and professionalism. I know you have a lot of clients, so your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to me. If you are in need of an attorney, you need to contact Attorney Paul Cheng. Attorney Cheng is an experienced attorney, that knows how best to pursue your case. Thank you so much!”


  • He was able to analyze the details of my case in minutes, providing legal citations specific to California law, and re-assuring me not to worry.
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    “I was extremely fortunate to find this Attorney in Pasadena. The office staff were very courteous and professional. Mr. Paul Cheng was clearly highly educated, insightful, and competent. He was able to analyze the details of my case in minutes, providing legal citations specific to California law, and re-assuring me not to worry. His opinions were based on years of experience within the judicial system; he has knowledge of individual judges and their values; and, he was very generous with his time. He is a kind man, empathic, and supportive. I highly recommend him and his team as a Super Lawyer specializing in labor related litigation. Definitely a Five Star law firm!”

    Robert Trujillo

  • I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.
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    “I hired Paul last year on matter with my company. I had talked with 3 other lawyers and decided to go with Paul. The thing i like most about him is he's a straight forward no nonsense type guy. He tells it like it is and seems more interested in doing his job, more so than how much money he is going to make off of you. I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.”

    Jeff B.

  • Paul Cheng is an amazing person.
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    “I would first like to say that Paul Cheng is an amazing person. Not only is he very intelligent, but he is also compassionate about the work he does. That being said, he went out of his way to help my mom with her case. He respected her and always made himself available to answer any of her questions. Our family is very grateful to Paul and we highly recommend his law office.”

    Annie R.

  • Thank you very much for your help and generosity!
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    “Attorney Paul Cheng is extremely helpful and knowledgeable! His legal insights helped me to navigate through the complex real estate transactions involving multiple mechanics liens and commercial r.e. lenders. Thank you very much for your help and generosity! =)”

    Rudy L.

  • I would HIGHLY recommend Paul P. Cheng and his Law firm the Cheng Law Group.
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    “I would HIGHLY recommend Paul P. Cheng and his Law firm the Cheng Law Group. My wife and I were being sued by a former employee of ours so we took to Yelp, and after reading the many amazing reviews of his law firm we decided to give him a call for a free consultation. Soon thereafter, we were sitting in Mr. Cheng's conference room with an amazing view by the way discussing our entire case. Mr. Cheng was kind, courteous, professional and very knowledgeable about employment law. I was actually surprised about how much time he took with us going over the detailed information we brought, explaining every single option we had with our case. At the end of our consultation and without asking us to retain his firm, he offered to write a complimentary letter to the opposing law firm saying that we denied all of their claims and that any further communication could be directed to his law firm; now what other lawyer would ever offer to do this? After doing so we never heard from that former employee or her law firm again and I'm sure the reason is because they knew with their baseless claims there was nothing they can do against a real lawyer like Mr. Cheng. So if you are looking for a lawyer with actual integrity and concern for the well fair of others I would certainly recommend giving Mr. Cheng a call, you won't regret it.”

    Christopher N.

  • My mother recently had an issue with a wrongful termination from a big "not to be named" hospital system in the LA area and I wanted to make sure she found a honest and professional lawyer.
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    “My mother recently had an issue with a wrongful termination from a big "not to be named" hospital system in the LA area and I wanted to make sure she found a honest and professional lawyer. I looked to my trusty YELPers and found Paul Cheng. The office could not formerly take her case, but he sent a very thoughtful and kind email regarding the fact that they are limited in the cases they can take on but would be happy to answer further questions as needed. Saddened by the fact, I still sent a nice email back thanking him for his time. He then offered to have his office write a complimentary letter on her behalf to see if an informal settlement could be made. Honestly, if I ever had to go to court, I would want a lawyer like him. Finally, a lawyer to redeem the profession!”

    Anna S.

  • I would definitely come back if we ever needed legal help!
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    “We came to see Attorney Paul Cheng because of a difficult and manipulative client who refused to pay after work was completed. We needed help on taking the next step, but knew that we had a small case. We had our hesitations about visiting a law office for this matter. My mom told us to see Paul Cheng because of his great reputation in the Chinese community. We are so thankful we listened. Paul Cheng greeted us warmly and helped us shortly after arrival. What an amazing, knowledgeable, respectable, and kind lawyer!! I do not often compliment people, but I was surprised that such a successful and prominent lawyer can be so personable and honorable. It is humbling! He showed genuine concern and addressed all our questions respectfully. He guided us on the next steps and really did not try to charge us for services that were not necessary. He explained everything! He even helped us with a Settlement Agreement, emailed it, and called us to follow up! This is service above and beyond what I was expecting for the size of our case. I am not one to write much for people and would never give compliments that are not deserved, but this is what I feel about Paul Cheng: #1. He is a genuinely caring person, even beyond his advertisements. If you want to be taken seriously by a lawyer, who understands that every case is of utmost importance to the individuals involved, you want to visit Paul Cheng. He really cared about us and our problem! #2. Integrity and dignity in a law office. He will not charge you for services or sell you services that you do not need. He even offers a free consultation to see if he can be of assistance. Since we are not prominent, well-established people, and had no "connections" to anyone, we knew his treatment of us represents his treatment of all people. Some people treat you differently when they find out you have money or a prestigious position, but this was simply not the case with Paul. #3. Paul Cheng's services are worth much, much more than what he is charging. I love to save money and get a good deal, but when it comes to legal representation, quality and value is critical. What good would it be to save a few bucks and end up losing your case or paying more in the consequences or mess that follows for cases poorly fought? We hope we will not need his services again, but I would definitely come back if we ever needed legal help! If I needed someone to represent me in court, I cannot think of anyone better than Paul Cheng. Thank you much for everything!!! We will tell everyone about your office!”


  • I was very lucky to have found him!
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    “Need help finding an honest attorney? an ethical attorney? How about a professional attorney? Paul is all three. Being thrown into the middle of an ugly and stressful situation is hard enough without worrying about the shark infested waters that the legal profession is well-known for. I was in a very stressful situation when tenants trashed my place then disappeared. Help! Who to turn to? I was very lucky to have found him. Unlike most attorneys who asked for a huge retainer before you walked into their door, Paul was patient enough to listen to my story and gave me helpful advice as to how to resolve this nasty issue. It's as if he gave me the advice he would want receive if he was in my place. Result? I avoided pricey and time-consuming litigation - I am very happy indeed! He is a trustworthy, top-caliber attorney! I could not recommend him enough. I know that when I find myself in need of legal representation, I will not trust anyone but Paul.”

    Angelica N.

  • I am so thankful for this professional experience.
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    “I highly recommend Paul Cheng! I asked for and received a last minute free consultation. There was a slight mixup in understanding and once figured out Paul Cheng graciously apologized several times. I could immediately tell extra care was being paid to me and it felt great. Paul Cheng carries a lot of confidence and is very articulate and firm with his words. I am so uneducated about my situation and he helped me understand many aspects of my options in a short period of time. He pointed me in directions that have since been providing me assistance. I am so thankful for this professional experience.”

    Alabama W.

  • Very much appreciated everything you had done.
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    “Paul - I want to say that I very much appreciated everything you had done for me beginning with that first sad day when you took the time to hear my concerns. Beyond legal advice, the care as a human being. It has been emotionally stressful for me, but you and your entire team have been incredibly supportive. Now it is on to another chapter of my life; a much more positive one. Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank you for your affectionate guidance, for your understanding, your interest in me, your belief that I was worth being your client.”


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