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  • Rights of Crime Victims
    Rights of Crime Victims

    Introduction : In California, when you are hurt because of a crime you have a right to be compensated for the financial, emotional and physical loses you suffer. See how you can back damages below. ...

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  • Use of your Image
    Use of your Image

    Introduction : Most people do not like getting their photos taken by people they do not know. But what happens when your name or photo is taken by someone and then used to promote their business? ...

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  • Identity Theft
    Identity Theft

    Introduction : Identity theft costs billions of dollars to the US economy. For an individual person the average fraud amount is $5,720.00. Studies show that stolen identities can be bought for as ...

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  • Malicious Prosecution
    Malicious Prosecution

    Introduction : They say in America that anyone can sue anybody for anything. But what happens if you feel that you were sued wrongfully? The bottom example shows you what you can do if you were sued ...

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  • Ask the Attorney - Topic: What to Do if You Are Sued
    Ask the Attorney - Topic: What to Do if You Are Sued

    Introduction: One of the most depressing feelings in the world is to receive a summons and complaint. The topic for today is what one should do if a person or company gets sued. STEP #1: SHUT UP! Do ...

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  • Ask the Attorney - Topic: Business
    Ask the Attorney - Topic: Business

    Introduction: A non compete clause is a provision in an employment agreement or contract in which the employee agrees not compete with the employer of work for a competition after termination of the ...

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